January 13, 2009

Change = Growth

I have come to realise that I have to make choices. Either I go for something or I do not. These choices may be judged, and criticised by the crowds. Or that may just come to be an expression of a single being. I just know I need to keep the Lord in this picture. Is it something that He would like to see me do? And losing a parent close to me, always telling me it is not what people say is right or wrong. But what the Lord has put out in His word for us. The Bible. Theologists and academics debate these matters of spiritual insight as though they where gods themselves. Yet I feel the mere plainness of faith is something not found in the hearts of these men. Thus I believe and have a simple yet magnificent faith in the Lord, as he has shown me things undebateable. I have experienced him in my life, and wish so for everyone. But it is a personal journey each one has to undertake.

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